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Ashraf glass Co. began work as a small shop for the installation and sale of various types of glass and mirrors in the city of Jenin in 1970, and by the time worked to provide the best types of glass, mirrors and so affordable to meet the needs and requirements of customers In the early nineties, the company has developed its business in line with the different tastes of customers, and began to import the latest machinery for glass and provide skilled technicians to carry out various installation and maintenance, and provide accessories for glass in various types of affordable.


Our task is to provide our clients of all need of glass, mirrors and accessories and meet the needs of customers as soon as possible.



Our goal is to continuously increase its services to include all regions of Palestine, including areas of Israel, where the company has significant market share in the field of business to compete with this very well, and is also seeking to increase the number of customers from individuals and institutions to reach the objectives of the company desired to satisfy its customers.